Editor’s Letter

Publisher’s Letter: Think small

There’s always room for a good idea – even a small one Dear Reader: As we read about multi-billion dollar mega deals like this month’s Cover Story, “4 ways the HTA-Duke Realty deal changes the industry,” starting on Page 23, it’s easy to get the impression that only huge public companies can compete in the […]

Editor’s Letter: We’re all ears

We’d love to hear about your latest deals Dear Reader: I know I’ve said this many times before in the pages of Healthcare Real Estate Insights™, but I’ll day it again: send us your news.

Editor’s Letter: ‘Groundhog Day’ again

The same issues seem to arise time and time again Dear Readers, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” We’ve all heard that adage countless times. But it seemed especially relevant when it was uttered during the 2017 InterFace Healthcare Real Estate (HRE) West Conference in Los Angeles in March.

Editor’s Letter: MOBs and MACRA

Building owners should be ready for its impact Dear Reader: We all know that the country’s independent and small-practice physicians are a dwindling breed. But I also think that many people who closely follow important issues affecting healthcare have also believed that there will always be a good number of fiercely independent, entrepreneurial doctors who […]

Editor’s Letter: Still a great resource

Get a competitive edge with the Resource Guide™ Dear Reader: Sometimes as we seek inspiration for an Editor’s Letter or a Publisher’s Letter, we look back on our archive of what is now 14 years worth of editions of Healthcare Real Estate Insights™.

Editor’s Letter: Changes abound

Familiar executives moving to new companies Dear Reader, For quite a few years, it seemed like few personnel changes took place in the healthcare real estate (HRE) sector, especially the medical office building (MOB) market. And because the sector is rather small compared to other industries, it was usually big news when someone who was […]

Editor's Letter: Insightful keynotes

Editor’s Letter: Insightful keynotes

BOMA talks covered a range of hot topics Dear Reader, That the lineup of speakers and panel discussions this year’s BOMA International Medical Office Building & Healthcare Real Estate Conference in Orlando, Fla., was particularly strong. So whether you were among the 1,000 or so people in attendance, we felt that some conference highlights deserve […]

Editor's Letter: Strong ties to BOMA

Editor’s Letter: Strong ties to BOMA

If you’re at the MOB conference, stop in to see us Dear Reader, In case you haven’t noticed or don’t receive the BOMA Magazine, which is published every other month by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International, Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ has been contributing a column in each issue for the past couple […]

Editor’s Letter: Tenants settling in?

From what we hear, longer leases are on the rise Dear Reader: Even though healthcare real estate (HRE) became one of the hottest, most in-demand property types in recent years, one lingering problem, or sticking point, made owning medical office buildings (MOBs) perhaps a bit more worrisome than many investors would have liked.

Editor's Letter: M&A remains on a roll

Editor’s Letter: M&A remains on a roll

What does this mean for the healthcare real estate? Dear Reader: As all of us know, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity among hospitals and health systems is an ever-growing part of the country’s healthcare landscape.

Editor’s Letter: Déjà vu all over again

Lillibridge Health Trust sale brings back memories Dear Reader: You know you have been covering the healthcare real estate (HRE) sector for a long time when you frequently find yourself writing articles about transactions involving the same properties you’ve written about before. Such was the case for us at Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ this month […]

Editor’s Letter: Calmer at conferences

Moderating panel discussions is easier these days Dear Reader: It has probably been about a decade since we at Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ started getting invited to moderate panel discussions at healthcare real estate (HRE) conferences throughout the country.

John B. Mugford

Editor’s Letter: Optimism reigns in HRE

HREI editorial board members foresee a strong ‘15 Dear Reader: The members of the Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ Editorial Advisory Board have been quite optimistic about the healthcare real estate (HRE) sector heading into each of the past three years now. And we’re happy to report that they have been right on with their predictions. […]

Editor's Letter: Sunny forecast for HRE

Editor’s Letter: Sunny forecast for HRE

Industry experts predict good things for 2015 and beyond Dear Reader: Recently, I have become infatuated with “word clouds” – images composed of words, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance. Word clouds are a brilliant way to instantly and visually convey the essence of a particular piece of writing. […]

Editor’s Letter: Something for everyone

There are many ways to invest in the HRE sector Dear Reader: We are pleased to bring you this month’s cover story, “Non-traded healthcare REITs seek deals amid flood of capital.” We consider that article to be the complement and counterpoint to last month’s cover story on publicly traded healthcare real estate investment trusts (REITs), […]