Publisher’s Letter

Publisher's Letter: Still bullish on MOBs

Publisher’s Letter: Still bullish on MOBs

Strong short-term results; good long-term prospects Dear Reader: Full disclosure: The Publisher’s Letter is nearly always the last article written as we put together this magazine. One reason is that there always seems to be something more urgent for me to work on, so this letter tends to get pushed down the priority list. Another […]

Publisher’s Letter: Embrace the future

Industry changes will create new opportunities Dear Reader: Good things are happening in the U.S. healthcare industry. A shift to value-based compensation gives providers greater incentives to reduce costs, boost productivity and improve patient outcomes. As a result, new healthcare delivery models are emerging that seek to meet those objectives, enabling providers to meet their […]

Publisher's Letter: Tracking the market

Publisher’s Letter: Tracking the market

Marcus & Millichap, Colliers release 2017 reports Dear Reader: Another strong year is ahead for medical office building (MOB) investment, according to the newly released “2017 Outlook” report from Marcus & Millichap. The brokerage firm says the strong demographic trends that support a growing healthcare industry will continue to drive investment activity. Institutional funds and real […]

Publisher's Letter: New HRE comp survey

Publisher’s Letter: New HRE comp survey

Kevin Jones was instrumental in getting it done Dear Reader: If you like this month’s cover story, “What’s in your wallet?” starting on Page 21, which spotlights executive compensation in the healthcare real estate (HRE) space, you have Kevin Jones to thank.


Publisher’s Letter: More M&As ahead

System consolidation unlikely to slow this year Dear Reader: Last year was another record-breaker for healthcare mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Of course, in the healthcare real estate (HRE) business, we are mostly interested in how those M&As affect real estate and facilities. They can be a negative if they result in a reduced demand for […]

Publisher's Letter: Let’s put the VA’s epic cost overrun in perspective

Publisher’s Letter: Let’s put the VA’s epic cost overrun in perspective

Dear Reader: Even amounts measured in billions have lost their power to impress. Governments and big businesses routinely deal in billions. A recent Powerball lottery jackpot hit $1.6 billion. You probably know that there are 7.4 billion people living on earth, or that the planet is believed to be about 4.5 billion years old. That’s […]

Publisher's Letter: Introducing Newsbreak - A more efficient strategy for HRE news coverage

Publisher’s Letter: Introducing Newsbreak – A more efficient strategy for HRE news coverage

Dear Reader: The media world has changed dramatically in recent years – and keeps on changing. So, after much consideration, the editorial team at Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ recently decided we needed to change how we create and deliver some of our editorial content, introducing a new editorial feature called Newsbreak.

Publisher's Letter: Beyond the Pale

Publisher’s Letter: Beyond the Pale

If I looked at little peaked at the awards, here’s why Dear Reader: Being of predominantly Western European extraction, I am genetically fair-skinned – even among my fellow Caucasians. Or, as my Grandma Wolf used to exclaim when I visited her as a child, “He’s so pale!” (This was from a woman that was no […]

Publisher’s Letter: Budget blindside

Hospital off-campus outpatient facilities face cuts Dear Reader: Fortunately, we had the wisdom several years ago to create the Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ Editorial Advisory Board. Our board members have our backs – often serving as a vital early warning system for us when major issues are coming down the pike.

Publisher’s Letter: Is development back?

The HRE construction market seems very active Dear Reader: This month’s cover story poses the question “Is development back?” In other words, has healthcare real estate (HRE) construction activity returned to the levels of the heady days of 2006-08?

Publisher's Letter: It’s a deluge of deals

Publisher’s Letter: It’s a deluge of deals

We’re busy tracking more and bigger transactions Dear Reader: There are a number of ways to track the volumes of sales of medical office building (MOBs) and other healthcare real estate (HRE). Some people turn to the commercial real estate data services, including Real Capital Analytics (RCA) Inc. and Revista. Others rely on reports from […]

Publisher’s Letter: Not all that scary

Patients don’t suffer when their hospitals close Dear Reader: When a hospital closes, it can send shock waves through a community, but patient care usually doesn’t suffer.

Publisher’s Letter: MOB demand unlikely to decrease anytime soon

I’ve been everywhere, man. Next: Nashville, Tenn. Dear Reader: After a brief pause in late 2013 and early this year, the healthcare real estate (HRE) conference schedule has once again shifted into high gear. So far in 2014, Healthcare Real Estate InsightsTM has participated in four HRE conferences, taking us to Boca Raton, Fla.; Los […]

Publisher's Letter: Healthcare reform + 5

Publisher’s Letter: Healthcare reform + 5

Musings on a half-decade of living with the PPACA Dear Reader: As I write these words, it is almost four years to the day since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law: March 23, 2010. If you factor in about one year of Congressional debate prior to the passage of […]

Publisher's Letter: New HRE strategies

Publisher’s Letter: New HRE strategies

Real estate is adapting to the changing industry Dear Reader: As I was sifting through some of the folders on my computer desktop recently, I came across my notes from last fall’s Bisnow Healthcare Real Estate Summit in Philadelphia. In doing so, I was reminded of a very intriguing session I had attended, broadly titled […]