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News Release: Alleghany Health Announces Major Construction Milestone Toward Completion of Medical Office Building

May 21, 2021


Alleghany Health, an affiliate of Wake Forest Baptist Health and Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, today announced the completion of a major milestone in the construction of the new Medical Office Building.

On Friday, May 21, construction crews completed the steel set (a major milestone) for a new two-story Medical Office Building (Phase III). This new facility will house a full range of outpatient services.

Alleghany Health Chief Administrative Officer, Kathryn Doby, said renovations were recently completed on a state-of-the-art emergency department and the inpatient unit. In August 2020, Alleghany Health celebrated the completion of Phase I of a three-phase capital campaign renovation and construction project. Phase I included consolidation of the emergency department and inpatient area. This area includes two trauma rooms, a triage room, a fast-track room, a reception and waiting area, a decontamination room, and three inpatient rooms.

“Should there be a need for additional inpatient care,” Doby said, “the existing inpatient unit remains present and equipped to care for overflow patients.”

Phase II was completed in March 2021. It includes three new observation rooms, an additional fast-track room, a nourishment room to prepare patient meals, soiled and clean utility rooms, and staff/provider breakrooms.

Phase III, construction of the Medical Office Building (MOB) is well underway with expected completion slated for end of October. The MOB will consolidate primary and specialty care services, urgent care, physical therapy, pulmonary therapy, and rehabilitation services. The urgent care facility is part of the main hospital to allow patients to be triaged for treatment within urgent care and redirected if needed to the emergency department. Radiology, laboratory, and other ancillary services are in proximity for efficiency and patient convenience.

On completion, the new facility will be 1,500 square feet larger than the original hospital, incorporate contemporary design features to optimize access to care and the overall patient experience, and provide flexible clinical capacity based on lessons learned during the pandemic.

“The future of Alleghany Health further includes additional services and increased capability to provide surgical services and specialty care with our partners from Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital and Wake Forest Baptist Health,” Doby said. “For a county the size of Alleghany in today’s healthcare market, it is both amazing and impressive to have this level of healthcare services available to our community.”

Alleghany Health provides regional emergency care, inpatient treatment, and rapid transfers to tertiary medical centers when needed. The goal is to provide the highest level of health care to the community at the best possible value.

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