Feature Story: The top 10 healthcare real estate stories of 2020

In the year of COVID-19, the pandemic dominated the news – in the HRE space as well

By John B. Mugford

Health systems bought more real estate than they monetized in 2020. One example was Frost Street Medical Center in San Diego, one of three MOBs that Sharp acquired from Healthpeak for $106 million in June.  (Photo courtesy of CBRE)

NATIONAL — Everyone has certainly heard the phrase, or something similar, along the lines of: “It will be good to put 2020 and the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us.”

And yet, for those of us involved in the healthcare real estate (HRE) space, the year’s crisis and subsequent hardships reiterated what most people involved in the industry have known for years: medical office buildings (MOBs) and other types of outpatient healthcare facilities are solid investments that hold up during difficult economies.
Before embarking on 2021, which will perhaps be a year in which the country, and the world for that matter, can put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, Healthcare Real Estate Insights is taking a look back at 2020 with our (highly subjective) attempt to list the top 10 healthcare real estate (HRE) stories of the year.
Spoiler alert: The pandemic is Number 1 on the list, and most of the other items are, at least in some way, related to it. But here’s our crack at listing the top 10 HRE stories of 2020, including the original publication dates and links to the posts on the HREInsights.com website, in case you’d like to read the full stories or news releases as they were first published. And for a longer version of this article, please visit HREInsights.com.

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