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Editor’s Letter

Editor's Letter: Sure, they’re big, but… Public REITs still own less than 10% of the market

Editor’s Letter: Sure, they’re big, but… Public REITs still own less than 10% of the market

Dear Reader: This month’s cover story focuses on publicly traded healthcare real estate investment trusts (REITs), and how the REIT sector has changed and grown in recent years. That got me wondering just how much the public REITs really have grown. So I dug into the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREITs) archives […]

Editor’s Letter: Disruptive innovation

Is the healthcare industry facing ‘a Kodak moment?’ Dear Reader: In ancient times, when I was in graduate business school (1989-91, if you must know), I took an excellent class called “The Management of Innovation.” Among other things, we learned how certain products once held seemingly unassailable market positions, only to be eliminated almost overnight […]

Editor’s Letter: When will it all end?

Healthcare real estate is hot! Where is the horizon? Dear Reader: Spoiler alert: In our next few editions, we will be writing about how hot the healthcare real estate (HRE) market is. And with good reason. It seems a perfect storm has created this deluge of both sales and development activity: the economy, while still […]

Editor’s Letter: Swish! MOBs are hot

High prices are compelling owners to cash in Dear Reader: When a basketball player has a fantastic game, scoring plenty of points, grabbing bunches of rebounds and dishing out myriad assists, he or she is said to have “filled up the stat sheet.” In the second half of 2014, it’s the healthcare real estate (HRE) […]

Editor's Letter: And the winner is...maybe you!

Editor’s Letter: And the winner is…maybe you!

Dear Reader: “It’s about time.” That pretty much sums up what people told us last year when we introduced the HREI Insights Awards™, the only comprehensive national awards totally dedicated to recognizing excellence in the areas of healthcare real estate (HRE) development and executive leadership. We had a great response last year (thanks to you) […]

Editor's Letter: It's Awards Season

Editor’s Letter: It’s Awards Season

2014 HREI Insights Awards™ entries now open Dear Reader: Of all the things we’ve done here at Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ during our 11-year history, we’re perhaps most proud of the launching of the annual HREI Insights Awards™ program, which we started in 2013. As we said then and reiterate now, the healthcare real estate […]

Editor's Letter: Thanks for noticing

Editor’s Letter: Thanks for noticing

HRE is getting more media coverage Dear Reader: Back in 2000, one of the staples of the HRE sector – the medical office building (MOB) – was not even on the radar screens of most commercial real estate investors. Today, MOBs and the HRE sector have not only emerged from the footnotes of general office, […]

Editor’s Letter: VA mess: A bad sign?

Failures of federally run healthcare raise concerns Dear Reader: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was designed to accomplish a whole host of things, perhaps most importantly to provide a way for uninsured Americans to receive affordable health insurance. As many as 30 million people are expected to receive coverage in coming years […]

Editor’s Letter: Biggest MOB deal ever?

Harrison Street-WRIT agreement has us wondering Dear Reader: According to our records at Healthcare Real Estate Insights™, our feature story concerning the $500.75 million deal between Harrison Street and Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT) could be the largest arm’s length sale involving an existing portfolio of MOBs in sector history. I say could be, […]

Editor's Letter: The Obamacare effect

Editor’s Letter: The Obamacare effect

Even if support wanes, the HRE sector will benefit Dear Reader: Admit it. Those of you who disdain President Obama and all that he stands for politically prefer to use the term “Obamacare” when referring to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The reference seems to encapsulate one’s negative feelings not only about […]

Editor’s Letter: Tidbits and topics

Miscellaneous news from around the HRE sector Dear Reader: We come across plenty of tidbits and hear about so many things taking place in the healthcare real estate (HRE) sector that it’s not always easy to include all of the information in each issue of Healthcare Real Estate InsightsTM. So this month I decided to […]

Editor’s Letter: Postcard from San Fran

BOMA’s MOB conference has become the standard Dear Reader: As you read this edition of Healthcare Real Estate Insights™, the chances are good that you’re doing so in San Francisco while attending the 2013 BOMA International Medical Office Buildings & Healthcare Facilities Conference. If that’s not the case, wish you were here. The fact is, […]

Editor’s Letter: Watch out for Chicago

Windy City’s healthcare scene is about to take off Dear Reader: Without a doubt, the best known concentration of medical facilities in the country is in Houston: The Texas Medical Center. The granddaddy of all medical districts, the area not far from downtown has a total of 37 million square feet of space inside hospitals, […]

Editor's Letter: Some certainty at last?

Editor’s Letter: Some certainty at last?

ELECTION CLEARS THINGS UP, AT LEAST UNTIL ‘14 By John B. Mugford Dear Reader: Here are at Healthcare Real Estate Insights™, we thoroughly enjoy talking with people involved in the healthcare real estate sector about, well, healthcare real estate. And during these talks and interviews, we get the sense that a majority of those involved […]

Editor's Letter: Many questions loom

Editor’s Letter: Many questions loom

ELECTIONS, INSURERS, TAXES, SUPPLY – OH MY! By John B. Mugford Dear Reader: I have had a lot on my mind lately when it comes to healthcare and healthcare real estate. I’m sure I’m not alone, as anyone who pays attention to this sector must feel the same way.